Why Ceramic Coating?

Waxes last 3 to 6 months. Paint sealants last 9 to 12 months. Ceramic coatings are measured in YEARS! One of the coatings we install regularly is rated for 8 years. Don’t worry, as we also have 1 & 3 year coatings too, so if you’re leasing you can easily afford the benefits of a coating.

Ceramic coatings form a layer over your vehicle’s clear coat that protect it from UV rays, dirt, snow removal chemicals, and other harmful factors that not only make your paint look bad, but can cause paint failure, especially on new cars. Modern cars typically have half the clear coat thickness than cars even 10 years old.

Companies selling coatings are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately many of these companies private label from Chinese manufacturers. They have no input regarding quality control and what goes into the coatings. Fortunately for you, M.A.D. has done its homework. We only work with domestic companies – DPC based out of Dallas & Owner’s Pride in Omaha. Both companies manufacture their own proprietary coatings. We can proudly say that the coatings we install are made in the USA!

Installing the coating is easy. The hard part is the prep work. With M.A.D., we don’t skip steps. Each vehicle we coat gets the same treatment, whether the car is brand new or 50 years old. You can rest assured we will give every vehicle the best care possible.

We look forward to meeting you and giving your vehicle a brilliant shine & unmatched paint protection for years to come.

Maintenance Care

To keep your vehicle looking & feeling fresh throughout the year, we offer maintenance care on a monthly, quarterly and twice yearly basis. We’ve found this especially helpful for people who lease their vehicles. Maintenance washes for ceramic coated vehicles is an excellent way to ensure maximum effectiveness of the coating.

Whether your focus is interior, exterior or both, we can customize a program that will be beneficial and cost effective. Once your car has been thoroughly detailed, it makes maintenance much easier.

We look forward to keeping your vehicle looking its best!

Affordable, Professional Auto Detailing in Lewiston

We live here, our kids go to school here, we shop here and love to eat locally. We are a small, locally owned business.

The detailing industry is very fluid & is always changing. We are constantly learning & educating ourselves, and trying new products & techniques that help make your vehicle look great. We strive to provide you with professionalism and great results. We also strive to provide services that don’t require a 5-year loan to pay off. We look forward to doing business with you!

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